Has it happened to you that you buy clothes online and once you got them you see they don’t look NOTHING AT ALL like the picture the seller posted? 

Well, it has happened to me 😅 until I learned some tips that have helped me a lot when it comes to buying clothes online.

Some of the tips are:
1) The measures
2) The material of the piece of clothing
3) and the Reviews of other buyers.

In the next few days I will be sharing a little more detailed information on how you can save and have a happy ending with the clothes you buy online 💓.

If you have some good or bad experience in this topic, please share it 👇 to take it into account for future posts.

By the way, this dress in the photo is from AliExpress and costs US $ 15.79.

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Vivo en el país más hermoso del mundo, República Dominicana. Inicié este blog porque me encanta compartir mis experiencias y ayudar a los demás. 🌸 I live in the most beautiful country in the world, Dominican Republic. I started this blog because I love to share my experiences and help others.

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