Enseñar a soñar by Paloma De la cruz (English version)

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the workshop Teach to dream (Literally translated to English) by Paloma De la Cruz, in which this experienced blogger shared with a group of young people her knowledge and experiences on how to build a personal brand.

Enseñar a soñar by Paloma De la cruz (5)

I was very interested since she promoted it for the first time, because in 2016 I started my online store, clothes for Christians who wish to dress jovial and modern but with modesty and good judgment to attend their religious meetings. Unfortunately, in 2017 I had to stop the sale for personal reasons but I always had the desire to return.

Enseñar a soñar by Paloma De la cruz (6)

With that workshop that Paloma gave us, I could understand that I do not necessarily have to sell in order to launch my personal brand. From what I learned in the workshop I got the idea that as many of my friends and family ask me to buy them clothes online or ask me how I can buy such beautiful clothes, with good quality at low prices, I decided to open a blog in which I can share what I know with a larger number of people. Then, everything that I learned came to my mind, because I took into account “little details” -but important – such as colors, typography, font size, and the content of my blog should be coherent and that it looked the same in all of the electronic devices, and most importantly, think about my target audience.

Enseñar a soñar by Paloma De la cruz (4)

In the second meeting of this workshop, we had the opportunity to present our projects in front of a “jury”, so to speak, made up of people with a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and personal branding. I liked it a lot because I could hear firsthand what I needed so much to launch my project.

Enseñar a soñar by Paloma De la cruz (3)

Undoubtedly, this workshop was excellent and surely Paloma will be able to continue teaching many other entrepreneurs how to dream.


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