How many times has it happened to you that you order something online and the item you bought doesn’t fit you?

This happens because we usually overlook the measurements chart.

We may think “It’s Small, it will fit me”. This can be a mistake, especially if we buy in a Chinese online store, where in many cases, a Chinese Small is the equivalent to an American XSmall, for instance. However, the same can happen on an American page (I don’t know if it has happened to you but it has to me) we know that there are brands that are known to have sizes a little larger – or smaller – than normal.

That’s why I always recommend you to measure yourself. It doesn’t take long and you can do it yourself. The only thing you need is a measuring tape – the same one used by tailors – and a notepad or your smartphone so you can write down your measurements in a place that you can have it at hand, whenever you need it.

Measure your bust and waist if you want to buy a blouse, the same applies to a dress, but you’ll also have to measure, in addition to this, from your shoulder to your knee – if the dress is down to your knee, of course – for the length. In the case it’s a skirt, if it is a high waisted skirt, measure your waist and then from your waist to the knee – this applies if the skirt is a midi or a knee length – or if you want to confirm, before buying, that it will cover your knee when sitting.


I give you an example of a measurements chart, you may notice it shows you where to measure to avoid confusions and the seller left a warning that the sizes are Chinese so you take into account that the item is smaller than those you usually buy.

size chart

Do not be surprised if after measuring yourself and confirming in the chart that you are a Chinese size Large or XL, this is normal, it has happened to me.

In a next post I will show you what to keep in mind when choosing a quality fabric without seeing it first in person. #YouDontWantToMissIt

#Tellme if you tend to measure yourself before buying.



  1. Thanks for the tips – I’m always hesitant to buy online because I’m always worried I’ll choose the wrong size. For shirts I sometimes wear a large and sometimes I wear a medium, so it’s extra tricky!!

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  2. Thanks for the tips, I always get my clothes online, I hate going to the mall. Your suggestions are going to make my online shopping experiences a lot easier.

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  3. This is great information – I always end up ordering clothing that is either too big or too small. I have bookmarked this for future reference! Thank you!

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