Pros and cons of buying on Aliexpress


If you still doubtful of whether or not buying on Aliexpress. I’m gonna help you to send away your fears with my pros and cons of purchasing in the website.

First thing you need to know is that Aliexpress is a Marketplace like an eBay but Chinese, where a great variety of people sell their products at very competitive prices.

In opinion the advantages of buying in Aliexpress are:

  • Low prices.
  • Free shipping in almost all their products.
  • Buyer protection in case your item isn’t as described or if you didn’t receive it in 60 days.
  • Secure online payments.
  • Satisfied buyers have the option of reviewing their experience with the seller and this gives you more confident when doing business with a particular seller.

The latter is very important when you decide to buy on Aliexpress. Look at the example below. This seller has 98.2%  in store credibility and 4.8 out of item as described so you can easily buy from this store and expect a smooth transaction.


The cons are:

  • Your order might take a long time to arrive to its destination.
  • Most sellers don’t accept Paypal.
  • The seller can take up to seven days to ship your order.
  • If you’re not using the website in English, you’ll see is poorly translated.

The fact that the website is not correctly translated to other languages can be a challenge. Because if you don’t read the description of the item or don’t understand everything in it like what includes and what it doesn’t include you might be disappointed when you receive your order and find out that it wasn’t what you were expecting.  And if you open a dispute, the seller would say the information was on the description but you or didn’t read it or didn’t understand it fully.

However, there are still good reasons to buy in Aliexpress. Don’t let the cons discourage you. In my case, I’ve bought clothes, shoes, bags, accesories and even a smartphone.

So, tell me Have you already made a purchase on Aliexpress? Leave me your answer in a comment.



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