Embroidered dress from Shein – My rewiew

Some of you have written me asking if #Shein is a secure website to shop online and the answer is yes, it is. As a matter of fact, I’ve been shopping in #Shein since 2016 and I’ve never had an issue with this online store. What I recommend you is to always check the measurements chart because as it’s a chinese store and clothes can be a bit smaller than you’re used to. 

This dress you see me in the photos below is a XS and it fits me because I checked the measurements before buying. 

Ella Linda e -  Vestido de Shein

I give this dress a 9 out of 10.

I love how comfy it is and the embroidery it has, what I don’t like it’s how difficult it is to zip it up and it is a bit see thru so you have to use an underdress or a slip.

If you like it and want to purchase it, just click here http://www.shein.com/Botanical-Embroidered-High-Waist-Dress-p-392703-cat-1727.html?aff_id=27491

Tell me what you think of this dress in a comment.


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Thank you!


Ella Linda e’


Ps: I bought this dress with my own means and this is my honest review.


3 thoughts on “Embroidered dress from Shein – My rewiew

  1. I love this look! It’s feminine and pretty, but smart enough to wear to the office. And I like that the embroidery is just a border. It would look good on all body types. Sometimes a floral pattern is just too busy for larger women like me.

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