Why do I buy in Shein?

Some of you have left me comments and DMs on Instagram asking me in which websites I usually buy clothes for me👗💟.

First, they aren’t as many as you may think because I usually find what I need in ones I already use. There are out there many online stores that offer the same or similar items but since I’m talking about my personal experience I’ll tell everything I know about Shein  in this post.

I’ve been ordering on #Shein online store since 2016 because a friend of mine recommended it to me and ever since then that’s the first place I look for clothes, due to the quality and variety they offer. It is a Chinese store but it has done so well in the international market, it even has warehouses in the United States – that’s why most of the time your orders arrive so fast.

I like that you can gain shein points from your orders, these points you can use them for future orders for a welcome small discount. Another thing I love about Shein is that you can save your measurements in their website so when you shop they give you recommendations on the size you should choose. One important thing is they allow you to pay with  @paypal for secure transactions.

What I don’t like is that they can take up to 7 (seven) business days to process your order which makes even longer the time for you to receive it –  this is processing time + shipping time. Second, clothes can be small that’s why is so important you always check the measurements chart.

I always try to get the free shipping option they give for qualified orders.

Please, share with me in a comment if you have any experience with Shein 😊😊



7 thoughts on “Why do I buy in Shein?

  1. I have to admit that I’m always a little bit nervous to buy my clothes online – it’s the getting the size right when you can’t try it on part. But, I also dislike going to the mall. It’s always so busy, and I can never really find what I want, so maybe it’s time to give online clothes shopping a try. I’ll have to check out the Shein website – I hadn’t heard of it before.

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  2. I have not tried this company in the past. Honestly had not heard of it. But, I love shopping online, and buy most of our clothes online. I will have to give it a try.

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  3. Shein definitely has great prices but I’ve been burned too many times by them. I get stuff in the mail that is sewn incorrectly, missing an arm, random holes, oil marks – it’s almost not worth it to me. But I know many people appreciate the afffordability!

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