Interview to Abigail, Online Shopping

Hello Linda girl!

We interviewed one of our Instagram’s followers. Her name is Abigail* and she’s been online shopping for a while now. We wanted to take advantage of her experience and ask her a few questions to encourage you to lose the fear of online shopping.

Ella Linda e: “Abigail, thank you so much for agreeing to give this interview and sharing your knowledge with others”.

Abigail: “It’s a pleasure for me to help other to lose their fears to shop online”.

Ella Linda e: “Abigail, Why did you decide to shop your clothes online?”

Abigail: “I like shopping for clothes but it gets me tired, and it takes me a while to find what I want so online shopping is ideal for me. Plus, most of the time is a lot cheaper.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-13 at 10.30.22 PM (1)

Ella Linda e: “Yes, indeed, as you have mentioned shopping our clothes online has multiple benefits. So, did you take any precautions to ensure a safe transaction?”

Abigail: “Well, I’ve never being one to take too many precautions. Something I like to do is to read or watch videos of the experience of other buyers before I shop on a certain website, so I get an idea of what to expect regarding shipping time, clothing sizes and things like that. I also read the reviews, within the website, of the items I want to purchase”.

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Ella Linda e: “How’s your experience so far?”

Abigail: “Well, my experiences have been, generally good, I’ve had some disappointments like everyone else but I love shopping online and I know I will keep doing it. “

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-13 at 10.30.17 PM

Ella Linda e: “Would you please tell us in which websites have you ordered?

Abigail: “I frequently shop on Forever 21, Shein and Amazon, although I have bought on many others”

Ella Linda e: “Would you encourage others to buy their clothes online??

Abigail: “Totally, I would. However, you must do some research first and count with the help of someone like you with tips and recommendations is a lot better.

Ella Linda e: “Thank you Abigail for your time and for helping others with your experiences”.

Linda girl! Now you got more information, so go ahead and lose the fear of buying online!

* The name has been changed.

8 thoughts on “Interview to Abigail, Online Shopping

  1. I love online shopping!!! I’m kinda like her and don’t take many precautions really- but I like the fact she said she watches videos to see how the store is with shipping times!

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  2. Online shopping is such a save of time. I shop online For other items than cloths, as unfortunately buying clothes for myself it’s more complicated. I am not a regular size and usually end up with disappointment. Lucky you girls, if I had more luck that’s definitely something I would do more often. Ps. I love the pink buttons skirt on the picture! Which brand it is?

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  3. I hate going shopping so I am actually buying most of my clothes online. Since I’m pretty much sticking to the same brands, there are hardly ever unpleasant surprises. I know it’s bad for urban infrastructures, I know online shops often avoid paying taxes etc. – but I still love shopping from my sofa 😦

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  4. Oh man, I never buy clothes online. This makes me feel old. The mall here where I live only has a few stores left because everyone is buying online. It’s kind of sad, but I guess it’s a sign of the times. I need to catch up. Thanks for helping me feel better about making the jump!


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