SHEIN Sleeveless Red Jumpsuit

Hi girl!

I just received this lovely jumpsuit from Shein and I just gotta admit I’m in love with it. 

It fits true to size and I like how bright the color is.


The fabric is soft and it’s great for summer season.


I’d recomend it for going out with friends.

The downside is that this jumpsuit is a bit see thru so be aware and put on something beneath it.


I’d totally recommend it. It’ll be a great buy for you.

SHEIN Sleeveless Bow Tie Waist Jumpsuit.jpg




Ella Linda e’







I received this jumpsuit from Shein for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


18 thoughts on “SHEIN Sleeveless Red Jumpsuit

  1. I can see why you’re so in love with it, you look amazing and so poweful in red! I recently found my first jump suit ever which I love as well. Jumpsuit are the shiiiii


  2. The jumpsuit looks awesome on you! I’ve recently done my first order with Shein, it was only one piece (bathingsuit) but I really like it so that’s why I’m again waiting for another parcel from them now haha 😉 They just have SO many amazing things for such good prices…unbelievable…I hope I’ll be just as happy with my new order than I was with my last one…and what sucks is, that I now have to make even another one to buy this jumpsuit 😉 Red wouldn’t go well with my hair though but hopefully there’s another color available…

    Thanks for your post!



  3. Wow, that jumpsuit looks really pretty. I love the color and the style of it and it also looks beautiful on you.


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